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Case Studies: HUD USER publishes a series of case studies examples of anchor institutions that have deep roots in the community and are longstanding contributors to the community’s stability and strength. Learn More.

Partners in Progress: HUD USER publishes a quarterly newsletter about research partnerships, grantees, anchor institutions, and other news. Learn More.


Archived Newsletters: This section includes newsletters OUP has produced in the last few years. It includes Diversity Works, and both the OUP and the grantee newsletters. Learn More.

About OUP


In 1994 HUD established the Office of University Partnerships (OUP) in an effort to encourage and expand the growing number of partnerships formed between colleges and universities and their communities. OUP facilitates the formation of campus-community partnerships that enable students, faculty, and neighborhood organizations to work together to revitalize the economy, generate jobs, and rebuild healthy communities. OUP strives to support and increase these collaborative efforts through grants, interactive conferences, and housing and urban development-related research.

In 2012, PD&R was granted the authority to enter into research partnerships with outside entities through non competitive cooperative agreements. Managed by OUP, this authority allows PD&R to participate in innovative research projects that inform HUD's policies and programs.

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Research Partnerships

Research Partnerships

HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) has authority to enter into unsolicited research partnerships with universities, philanthropic organizations, other federal or state agencies, or a combination of these entities through noncompetitive cooperative agreements. The purpose of these partnerships is to allow PD&R to participate in innovative research projects that inform HUD’s policies and programs. Learn More.

Recent Research Partnership Reports

Recent Research Partnership Reports

What Happens to Housing Assistance Leavers?

Housing assistance in the United States is unusual: unlike many other forms of public assistance, it is not an entitlement and serves only about one- quarter of eligible households (Turner and Kingsley 2008).

Recent Research Partnership Reports

The Bridge to Family Self-Sufficiency (BridgeFSS) Demonstration

Housing subsidies, which help low-income families pay their rent and utilities in public housing developments or in the private rental market, are a vital component of the national social safety net.

Grantee Database

Grantee Database

This section contains research conducted by OUP grantees. It includes university and college grant program grantees and dissertations funded through OUP’s Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant (DDRG) and Early Doctoral Student Research Grant (EDSRG) programs. Learn More.