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Past Periodicals


Past Periodicals

These periodicals were previously produced by HUD and PD&R. Some of them were featured on HUD User but are no longer in production.

Breakthroughs Archive

The Breakthroughs online newsletter provided information about successful affordable housing strategies and was part of the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse. Since 2012, these articles have been incorporated into the In Practice column in PD&R’s online magazine, PD&R Edge.

FieldWorks Archive

FieldWorks was a bimonthly publication of HUD User that shared practical information on noteworthy programs and useful resources in housing.

HUD Challenge

HUD Challenge was published by HUD from November 1969 to September 1978 and covered a variety of topics.

ResearchWorks Archive

ResearchWorks was the official newsletter of PD&R. ResearchWorks included new publication announcements, relevant case studies, and success stories highlighting efforts to make housing more affordable, accessible, energy and resource efficient, and available.