Photograph of a tent on a sidewalk in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC.

How Communities Are Improving Their Homeless Services Capacity

Many communities have recently reformed their homelessness programs by redirecting limited resources to better serve a wider swath of clients.



Housing and Food Insecurity

HUD is interested in improving access to healthy food in low-income communities and supporting positive health outcomes for residents.

Rental Burdens: Rethinking Affordability Measures

How much of your income should you set aside for rent? With the cost of housing on the rise, researchers are reexamining the 30-percent rule of thumb for measuring rental burden.

The 2018 Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition

This year’s Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition challenged students from the four finalist teams to create a community plan to address the needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.

Rent-to-Own Program Rehabilitates Abandoned and Foreclosed Properties

A partnership between a community development financial institution and a community development corporation is meeting two needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



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