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Assessment of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Housing Needs

HUD’s recently released assessment of housing needs and conditions, which included the largest ever nationally representative survey of American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) households in tribal areas across Indian Country, reflected the geographic, economic, and cultural diversity of tribal nations.



Improving the Lives of Children in Public Housing

On January 18, 2017, the Urban Institute presented findings of a community assessment of needs and opportunities for children in public housing in Washington, DC. Commissioned by the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) and conducted in partnership with Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia, the survey identifies the need for supportive services and potentially provides benchmarks against which DCHA can measure progress, said DCHA executive director Adrianne Todman.

Program Assists Landlord Entrepreneurs in Connecticut

The Landlord Entrepreneurship Affordability Program (LEAP), developed by Connecticut’s Housing Development Fund (HDF), addresses two key housing issues: multifamily rental properties in poor condition that threaten neighborhood viability and a persistent demand for affordable housing.

Data Democratization and Evidence-Based Policy

We are in the midst of what has been called an evidence-based policy movement. There has been bipartisan support for both using evidence in policymaking and improving the broader infrastructure needed to support creating evidence while upholding our responsibility as public stewards to protect privacy.

Highlighting Best Practices Through the HUD Secretary’s Awards

Recognizing and sharing best practices in the field is one of the ways in which HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) fulfills its mission to inform policy development and implementation and improve life in American communities.



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