Image of several multistory buildings along a divided road.

Adaptive Reuse in Suburban Housing Markets

The 2008 recession created a lasting high-risk environment for the retail, office, and residential markets, changing the way tenants lease space to live and work and creating demand for new models of housing. As part of the second session of the Montgomery County, Maryland Planning Department’s winter speaker series, The Economic Future of the Suburbs, two real estate professionals spoke about how developers and property owners can respond to shifting preferences for housing and commerce.



America’s Rental Housing 2017

Approximately 43 million people — more than one-third of U.S. households — live in rental housing.

Learning from Disaster Recovery Efforts

Disaster preparedness and recovery have become important topics in the wake of recent, devastating natural disasters occurring throughout the nation.

Building Codes: The Role They Can Play

Many of us have heard building codes mentioned when discussing the built environment.

Rent-to-Own Program Rehabilitates Abandoned and Foreclosed Properties

A partnership between a community development financial institution and a community development corporation is meeting two needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



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