Image of single family homes and a sidewalk lining a street in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL

Using Housing Affordability as a Key to Preserving Diversity Along the North Branch of the Chicago River

Albany Park, Irving Park, and North Park are three neighborhoods located along the banks of the north branch of the Chicago River, about 7 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.



Rent-to-Own Program Rehabilitates Abandoned and Foreclosed Properties

A partnership between a community development financial institution and a community development corporation is meeting two needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Middle-Class Experience of Housing Stress

Over the past 5 years, housing costs have outpaced income, and although low-income households are the most vulnerable to changes in the housing market, middle-income households have also felt the effects of these shifts.

Rental Burdens: Rethinking Affordability Measures

How much of your income should you set aside for rent? With the cost of housing on the rise, researchers are reexamining the 30-percent rule of thumb for measuring rental burden.

Building a Community Out of Tiny Homes for Homeless Veterans in Sonoma County, California

An hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma County is pursuing novel ways of addressing homelessness.



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