Photo of a row of three-story apartment buildings with trees and a sidewalk in front.

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies Report: State of the Nation’s Housing 2021 Release

Falling unemployment rates, reopening businesses, and increases in spending are indicators that the economic recovery period from the COVID-19 pandemic is underway. The State of the Nation’s Housing 2021 report released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS), however, highlights racial and income inequalities on the road to housing stability.



Equitable Rebuilding in Detroit Through the Strategic Neighborhood Fund

African-American residents of Detroit experienced devastating effects from the Great Recession. Job losses in the auto industry set off a chain reaction of income loss, declining property values, and depressed municipal tax revenue that induced the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

The Bloom Colocates Affordable Housing and Emergency Shelter in Alexandria, Virginia

Opened in 2020, the Bloom is a 97-unit affordable housing development that shares its 7-story building in the Braddock Road neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, with Carpenter’s Shelter, a ground-floor emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

A Visit to Cleveland, Ohio

Our niece’s graduation over the Memorial Day weekend was a perfect post-vaccine opportunity to visit family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first time in more than a year.

Benefits of Eviction Diversion Programs

Economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused an increasing number of renters to fall behind on their rent payments, which raises the potential for widespread evictions.



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