Image of a multi-story brick residential building along a sloped street.

Designing Better Supportive Housing

What role can the design of supportive housing play in ending homelessness? At the 2018 American Institute of Architects Conference on Architecture, held in New York City from June 21 to 23, one group of panelists sought to answer that question.



Permanent Supportive Housing for Women Recovering From Substance Abuse in Charleston, West Virginia

In December 2017, the nonprofit Recovery Point West Virginia, which runs 5 long-term residential recovery programs in West Virginia, teamed with developer AU Associates to open 24 one-bedroom apartments in Charleston.

Rent-to-Own Program Rehabilitates Abandoned and Foreclosed Properties

A partnership between a community development financial institution and a community development corporation is meeting two needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Designing Affordable and Equitable Housing

The American Institute of Architects hosted the 2018 Conference on Architecture from June 21 to 23 in New York City.

Rental Burdens: Rethinking Affordability Measures

How much of your income should you set aside for rent? With the cost of housing on the rise, researchers are reexamining the 30-percent rule of thumb for measuring rental burden.



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