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About PD&R: HUD Evaluation Policy Statement


HUD Evaluation Policy Statement
HUD Evaluation Policy Statement

In August 2021, PD&R published the HUD Evaluation Policy Statement. This policy statement articulates the core principles and practices of HUD's evaluation and research activities. This policy reaffirms HUD's commitment to conducting rigorous, relevant evaluations and to using evidence from evaluations to inform policy and practice.

The Evaluation Policy Statement identifies certain core principles and practices as fundamental to ensuring high-quality and consistent evaluation results:

  • Rigor
  • Relevance
  • Transparency
  • Independence
  • Ethics
  • Technical innovation

This policy applies to all HUD-sponsored evaluations and regulatory impact analyses; it also applies to the selection of projects, contractors, and HUD staff that are involved in evaluations.

The 2021 Evaluation Policy Statement is available to download here.

The previous HUD Evaluation Policy Statement (2016) can be found here.