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HUD User publishes a series of periodicals — Cityscape, Evidence Matters, PD&R Edge, and Insights — that support PD&R’s mission to provide reliable information to researchers, practitioners, advocates, industry groups, foundations, and the general public. All periodicals are free of cost to the public. Cityscape and Evidence Matters are accessible online and also available in print. PD&R Edge and Policy & Practice are available online only.


Cityscape, published three times a year, is PD&R’s journal of policy development and research.

Evidence Matters

Evidence Matters, published quarterly, presents objective, evidence-based analyses of research findings about key housing and urban development topics to inform practitioners, advocates, state and local policymakers, Congress, and researchers on future policy directions.


Insights, published periodically, presents an exploration of a single research topic or question in a concise format.

PD&R Edge

PD&R Edge is a timely online magazine with articles on PD&R and HUD partners’ research, a message from PD&R senior leadership, and a wide range of information on housing and community development issues, policies, and case studies.

Policy & Practice

Policy & Practice, published periodically, provides innovative solutions for local policymakers and practitioners to address today’s housing and community development challenges.

Past Periodicals

These are HUD and PD&R periodicals that are no longer in production.