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Dataset Update Schedule

Dataset Name Most Recent Release Expected Next Update
50th Percentile Rent Estimates FY 2021 data on 08/15/2020 September 2021
American Housing Survey FY 2017 data on 09/06/2018
AHS: Housing Affordability Data System FY 2013 data on 06/25/2015
Annual Adjustment Factors
FY 2020 data on 12/9/2019 December 2020
CINCH 2015-2017 data on 09/18/2020 July 2022
Consolidated Planning 2013-2017 data on 08/27/2020 August 2021
Geospatial Data Resources Preservation Mapping Tool on 07/13/2016  
Fair Market Rents FY 2021 data on 08/13/2020 September 2021
Government Sponsored Enterprise Data Overview of the GSEs' Performance, 2000-2007 on 12/19/2008  
Housing Discrimination Against Racial And Ethnic Minorities 2012 FY 2012 data on 11/21/2014  
HOME Income Limits FY 2020 data on 07/01/2020 July 2021
HOME Rent Limits FY 2020 data on 07/01/2020 July 2021
Home and HTF Homeownership Value Limits FY 2020 data on 04/01/2020 April 2021
Income Limits FY 2020 data on 03/31/2019 April 2021
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit FY 2018 data on 06/18/2020 June 2021
Manufactured Home and Subprime Lender List 1993-2005 data on 07/08/2013  
Metropolitan Area Look-Up Posted on 03/21/2016  
Metropolitan Area Quarterly Residential and Business Vacancy Report Data not available for download as of April 2011  
Moving To Opportunity (MTO) Posted on 03/24/2016  
Multifamily Tax Subsidy Income Limits FY 2020 data on 03/31/2020 April 2021
Multifamily Utility Allowance Factors FY 2020 data on 11/22/2019 November 2021
NCHS - HUD Data Linkage Posted on 01/28/2016  
Neighborhood Mapping Tool Posted on 04/29/2013  
Neighborhood Stabilization Data FY 2020 Income Limits applicable for NSP on 03/31/2020 April 2021
PHA Homelessness Preferences: Web Census Survey Data Posted on 06/12/2014  
Physical Inspection Scores FY 2020 data on 09/18/2020 September 2020
Picture of Subsidized Households FY 2019 data on 01/16/2020 January 2021
Promise Zone Mapping Tool Updated the PDF reports on 11/03/2014  
Public Use Microdata Sample FY 2019 data on 01/13/2020 January 2021
Qualified Census Tracts and Difficult Development Areas FY 2020 data on 09/25/2019 October 2020
Renewal Funding Inflation Factors FY 2020 data on 03/09/2020 March 2021
Rental Housing Finance Survey Posted on 02/23/2016  
Residential Finance Survey FY 2001 data on 12/23/2015  
Sandy Damage Estimates by Block Group Updated on 02/01/2016  
Small Area FMR FY 2021 data on 08/13/2020 September 2021
Special Tabulations of Households FY 2018 data on 07/10/2020 April 2021
State of the Cities Data Systems FY 2019 Building Permits data 05/19/2020 June 2021
Uniform Relocation Act Income Limits FY 2019 data on 03/31/2020 April 2021
USPS Vacancies Data 2nd Quarter 2020 data on 08/25/2020 December 2020
USPS ZIP Code Crosswalk Files 2nd Quarter 2020 data on 08/25/2020 December 2020
Utility Allowances Revised model posted on 08/23/2016  




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