Small Area FMRs


Due to the increasing demand for more localized rents for a variety of purposes, HUD is making Small Area FMRs for all metropolitan areas available. Small Area FMRs are only permitted to be used to set Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher payment standards in the Dallas, TX HUD Metropolitan FMR Area and by PHAs participating in the Small Area FMR Demonstration Program. One possible use for the Small Area FMRs is in the determination of potential Exception Payment Standard levels. Another general use is that PHAs not participating in the demonstration may use the Small Area FMRs as a guide to setting their payment standards so long as the payment standards remain within the basic range (90%-110%) of the FMR published in the Federal Register for the FMR Area. Anyone interested in how the Small Area FMRs are calculated or may be used in conjunction with a HUD Rental Assistance program should contact HUD’s Economic and Market Analysis Division at



    HUD recently released an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the use of Small Area FMRs in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The notice was published in the Federal Register on June 2, 2015 and the public comment period will end on July 2, 2015.

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