Utility Allowances


HUD Utility Schedule Model

(Revised Model Posted on 11/4/2015)

HUD has developed a Utility Schedule Model that enables the user to calculate utility schedules by housing type after entering utility rate information (tariffs). This version of the Model is based on data published by the Energy Information Administration of the Department of Energy in its Residential Energy Consumption Survey, from 1997, 2001, and 2005. The Model also incorporates the energy efficiency and Energy Star® data discussed in the 2012 reports listed below. This version of the Model eliminates anomalous results by simplifying the algorithms to ensure proper sequencing of consumption estimates across bedroom sizes and/or structure types. The heating degree day data no longer has to be entered into the model. Once you’ve selected the Public Housing Agency (PHA) for the area (using a dropdown menu), the weather data is automatically populated for that area.

Please review the instructions document in MS WORD, which provides a step-by-step explanation of how to use the model.

The HUD Utility Schedule Model is a spreadsheet model in MS EXCEL. Please click here to download the model.

A web-based HUD Utility Schedule Model is available at: https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/husm/uam.html


PHA Code

For Help in determining a PHA code for the area where a project or unit is located, please use the following link. This code is only used to establish the location of a project or a unit so the appropriate weather data can be used in the utility model and does not reflect the regulatory status of a project. Choose the PHA code for a location closest to the project.



Reports on Model

Report on the use of 1997 RECS Data and HUD Utility Schedule Model Estimation: June 2003. Download pdf

Report on other Estimation Factors, 2001 RECS Data, and Revised HUD Utility Schedule Model Estimation: May 2005. Download pdf

Report on Re-Estimation of Heating Algorithms and Heat Pump Calculation: February 2007. Download pdf

HUD Utility Schedule Model Rebenchmarking (an analysis of 1997, 2001 and 2005 RECS data): December 2012. Download pdf

A Summary Report on the Heating and Cooling Trend Adjustment (also Appendix 2 of the 12/12 report): August 2012. Download pdf

Energy Star Adjustment Report (also Appendix 3 of the 12/12 report): October 2012. Download pdf

HUD Utility Model (HUSM) Rebenchmarking: June 2013. Download pdf


Data Analyses

Utility Model Data – from 2002 Download xls

Temperature Changes – from 2002 Download zip

Electric Heating Regress-HDDxBedroom – from 2002 Download zip

Air Conditioning Regression-CDDxBedroom – from 2002 Download zip

RECS 2001 Data Revisions – from 2005 Download xls

Heating Regressions Revised – in 2007 Download xls

Utility Model Data – 2010 Analysis - which is an analysis of 2005 RECS data in 2010 Download zip

HUSM Rebenchmarking Tables (also Appendix 1 of the 12/12 report), December 2012 Download pdf