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PD&R Research


PD&R Research

PD&R undertakes studies and issues reports on HUD programs to determine how well they are achieving their objectives and how they can be improved. PD&R also conducts studies and issues reports on housing and community development matters not tied directly to HUD programs. In addition to research reports, PD&R produces case studies, periodicals, and other resources designed to support evidence-based decisionmaking.

PD&R Research Casestudies

Find examples of successful housing and community development efforts from a practical, “how-to” perspective.

PD&R Research Ongoing Research

In HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R), our mission is to provide reliable and objective housing research and market data to our constituents, as well as skilled analysis that assists HUD's leadership in making informed policy decisions.

Other PD&R Projects

PD&R undertakes various projects and initiatives, sometimes in collaboration with other agencies and private-sector organizations, to further research priorities and goals.

PD&R Research Periodicals

HUDUser publishes a series of periodicals that support PD&R's mission to provide reliable information to researchers, practitioners, advocates, industry groups, foundations, and the general public.

Evidence Matters

PD&R Research Reports

HUDUser makes available printed and electronic copies of published HUD research.