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Special Tabulations of Households

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Special Tabulations of Households

by Income, Tenure, Age of Householder, and Housing Conditions

The Economic and Market Analysis Division (EMAD) "Special Tabulations" data retrieval system produces tabular statistical summaries of counts of households by tenure, by income intervals, by age of householder, by size of household, by housing conditions based on the 1990 and 2000 Census, for select geographic areas in the United States. This system allows a user to extract data to conduct a longitudinal analysis of changes in a particular area.

These special cross tabulations of decennial and ACS census data are the most detailed available for a qualitative analysis of housing demand based on incomes and age of householder. These data are a key element in the allocation formulae for the Section 8 and the Section 202 rental assistance programs, as well as a key element in EMAD qualitative demand market analysis activities for review of program applications and multifamily mortgage insurance applications submitted to FHA.

For 1990 and 2000, the system contains decennial data for all counties and county equivalents in the United States, places with populations of 50,000 (subject to disclosure requirements), the nation, all states and the District of Columbia, and MSAs and PMSAs (except those in New England) based on the 1999 OMB definitions in effect at the time of the 2000 Census. Year 2000 data are also provided for selected areas in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Beginning in 2010, the system uses data from the Census ACS 5-year survey, which is available at the CBSA, State, and County level. A detailed description of the exact content and format of the database is presented in the Help section of the system.


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Special Tabulations of Households
by Income, Tenure, Age of Householder, and Conditions

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