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Evidence Matters is PD&R's quarterly publication that demonstrates HUD's commitment to evidence-based policymaking. Each quarterly issue focuses on a key theme and highlights policy-relevant research that connects policymakers at all levels, as well as researchers, advocates, and industry members, with clear, accessible, and timely information. For more on the history and development of the publication, read "Five Years of Evidence Matters” on PD&R Edge.

Current Issue: Office to Residential Conversions (Fall 2023)

The United States is facing a severe lack of housing stock, and this shortage is exacerbating the nation’s lack of affordable housing. Those affected are not only people who want to live close to employment centers in central business districts in urban areas but also renters and buyers nationwide. Since the outset of the pandemic, utilization of downtown office space has heavily decreased in cities across the U.S. This edition of Evidence Matters examines the advantages and drivers of adaptive reuse of office buildings and office-to-residential conversion. Read More >>

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