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Evidence Matters

Evidence Matters is PD&R's quarterly publication that demonstrates HUD’s commitment to evidence-based policymaking. Each quarterly issue focuses on a key theme and highlights policy-relevant research that connects policymakers at all levels, as well as researchers, advocates, and industry members, with clear, accessible, and timely information. For more on the history and development of the publication, read “Five Years of Evidence Matters” on The Edge.

Current Issue: Regulatory Barriers and Affordable Housing (Spring 2018)

Local zoning and land use regulations, as well as “not in my backyard” opposition, the focus of this edition of Evidence Matters, increase development costs and contribute to a shortage of affordable housing in many places that desperately need it. Density limitations, height restrictions, and parking requirements, among other rules, limit the amount of land available for development, driving up land prices. Lengthy permitting and approval processes and community hearings create costly delays and uncertainty for developers. Consequently, less affordable housing is constructed, and the price of the housing that is built increases. Read More >>

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