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Evidence Matters: Summer 2012


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy
Summer 2012

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Evidence Matters Summer 2012

This issue of Evidence Matters examines several key topics in the fight to end homelessness. The lead story focuses on the critical problem of homelessness among U.S. veterans, especially those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and how HUD and other federal agencies have adopted a data-driven management approach to improve service and help these veterans become stably housed. “Using Data To Understand and End Homelessness” charts the evolution of federal data collection efforts such as Homeless Management Information Systems and point-in-time counts, exploring how measurement better enables policymakers to understand the scope of the homelessness problem and target resources to the most effective models of assistance. Finally, the In Practice article, presents the work of doctors, researchers, and practitioners who have shown the role that housing and supportive services play in improving health outcomes for chronically homeless individuals, emphasizing the significance housing can play as a platform for improving quality of life.

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