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Evidence Matters: Housing First and Homelessness


Spring/Summer 2023

Editor’s Note

This issue of Evidence Matters explores the role of the Housing First model in addressing homelessness. Unlike other delivery methods for solving homelessness, Housing First relies on the principle of getting individuals and households experiencing homelessness into housing with as few barriers as possible.

The lead article, “Housing First Works,” finds that the foremost researchers and policymakers addressing homelessness agree: homelessness is solvable. A resolution, however, will be possible only when evidence-based practices align with political will.

The In Practice article, “Housing First in Action,” details successful case studies in two very different cities: Boston and Chattanooga. These cities focus on wraparound services offered in tandem with service providers coupled with efforts to increase housing supply, which support those experiencing homelessness and incentivize landlords to provide affordable housing.

The Research Spotlight article, “Housing First: A Review of the Evidence,” examines research supporting Housing First as a successful delivery method for addressing homelessness. Studies have shown that the Housing First model has been successful in housing veterans, those with substance abuse issues, individuals with mental illness, and individuals with chronic medical conditions.

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In this Issue

Housing First Works

Housing First: A Review of the Evidence

Housing First in Action

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