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Evidence Matters: Winter 2015


Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy
Winter 2015

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Evidence Matters Winter 2015

This issue of Evidence Matters delves into HUD’s role and responsibilities in assisting communities with disaster recovery and mitigation and describes how communities are rebuilding after a disaster to ensure long-term resilience. The lead article, “Federal Disaster Policy: Toward a More Resilient Future,” discusses the role of the federal government in supporting communities following natural disasters and in promoting resilience to reduce the financial and social toll of future disasters. The Research Spotlight piece, “The Research Basis for Disaster Resilience,” presents information on the growing frequency and costs of disasters as well as the theory and practice underpinning the concept of resilience. Finally, the In Practice article, “Preparing for the Next Disaster: Three Models of Building Resilient Communities,” examines how three communities have recovered from major disaster events with adaptations that have bolstered resilience and yielded economic benefits.

In this Issue: