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About PD&R: Core Functions and Offices


Core Functions and Offices
Core Functions & Offices

PD&R regularly interacts with the four primary HUD program offices and employs staff who are familiar with all of their programs. PD&R staff provides these offices with technical support, data, maps, and other materials relevant to their programs. Additionally, PD&R serves as a resource of information and institutional knowledge for divisions within the Secretary's Office, providing briefing materials and rapid responses for the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations.

PD&R maintains and produces large databases that are essential to HUD program operations. This support includes collecting information through national and locally based surveys, including FMRs and assisted housing income limits.

Executive Order No. 12866 requires that federal agencies promulgating regulations prepare economic analyses of regulations that have a significant economic effect. In addition, the Regulatory Flexibility act (RFa) requires agencies to prepare regulatory flexibility analyses for regulations that have a substantial impact on a significant number of small entities. Economic and regulatory flexibility analyses are frequently combined into a single document. The intent of E.O. 12866 and the RFa is for the required analyses to inform the rulemaking process and ensure adequate public understanding of the potential effects of major regulations. Because of the high level of expertise in economics and statistical analysis required to complete these large-scale assessments, PD&R is the primary manager of the Department's regulatory analysis function. PD&R reviews all new HUD regulations for potential impact on the economy; prepares economic analyses of new HUD rules, as needed, or directs the preparation of economic analyses of new HUD rules by PD&R contractors; reviews economic analyses prepared by other offices for methodological soundness and feasibility; and advises program office officials on how proposed regulations can be altered to achieve the regulatory objective while avoiding unnecessary costs to the economy.

PD&R supports the Federal Housing administration by providing FHA with key policy and technical support. We also offer financial expertise on FHA's actuarial studies, assist FHA on automated underwriting and mortgage scorecard initiatives, conduct program evaluations, analyze mortgage market trends, and provide general policy support on a wide range of topics (such as FHA insurance premiums). In addition, PD&R Field Economists conduct market analysis of applications for FHA multifamily mortgage insurance. The most significant PD&R effort involves automated underwriting and mortgage scorecard work.

PD&R works with other agencies and private-sector organizations to make american housing more affordable, durable, safe, energy-efficient, and disaster-resistant by sponsoring objective research on the effects of new programs and technologies.

For consumers seeking information on home renovation and new construction, PD&R has developed the Consumer’s Guide to Energy-Efficient and Healthy Homes, which provides a concise overview of various building products, systems, and design/construction strategies, along with links to more detailed information on other federal websites.

The International and Philanthropic Affairs Division supports HUD's efforts to find new solutions and align ideas and resources by working across public, private, and civil sectors to further HUD's mission. IPI does this by performing research, developing networks, and facilitating collaboration of key partners and resources. To position HUD as a hub for innovation, IPI works to build new capacity and clarity within HUD by providing expert resources and a venue for staff and partners to access the best available evidence, innovations, and lessons from the philanthropic and international sectors. Within these sectors, IPI supports HUD and the Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) by:

  • Engaging in outreach and information exchange;
  • Providing client management and assistance;
  • Conducting joint research and knowledge management; and
  • Stimulating project co-investment.

IPI has the unique task of linking domestic policy and practice to innovative and timely models from our international and philanthropic partners.

The Research Utilization Division (RUD) disseminates PD&R and partner housing and community development research. RUD reaches out to its stakeholders using this website, social media, and online magazine. The dissemination effort provides information, research findings, and market and program support data; housing policy and research translation on-line, in publications, and in-person. Awards and competitions are administered through RUD.



PD&R is the principal advisor to the Secretary on overall departmental policy, program evaluations, demonstrations, and research, and is responsible for providing economic information and analyses of housing and community development statistics and other data. PD&R consists of the following offices:

Additional information on PD&R Offices and Divisions is available here. PD&R Organizational Charts are available here.