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Volume 18, Number 3

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga



Guest Editor's Introduction
Ingrid Gould Ellen and Lei Ding

What Have We Learned About the Causes of Recent Gentrification?
Jackelyn Hwang and Jeffrey Lin

The Consequences of Gentrification: A Focus on Residents’ Financial Health in Philadelphia Households
Lei Ding and Jackelyn Hwang

Gentrification and Small Business: Threat or Opportunity?
Rachel Meltzer

Linking Residents to Opportunity: Gentrification and Public Housing
Samuel Dastrup and Ingrid Gould Ellen

Forewarned: The Use of Neighborhood Early Warning Systems for Gentrification and Displacement
Karen Chapple and Miriam Zuk

Preserving and Expanding Affordability in Neighborhoods Experiencing Rising Rents and Property Values
Jeffrey Lubell

Commentary: A Federal Perspective on Gentrification
Katherine M. O’Regan

Commentary: 21st Century Gentrification
Lance M. Freeman

Commentary: Causes and Consequences of Gentrification and the Future of Equitable Development Policy
Derek Hyra

Point of Contention: Driverless Cars

Cautious Optimism About Driverless Cars and Land Use in American Metropolitan Areas
Brandon Fuller

Choice and Speculation
Lisa Schweitzer

Transitioning to Driverless Cars
Gilles Duranton

Driverless Cars and the City: Sharing Cars, Not Rides
Wendell Cox

Refereed Papers

Vouchers and Neighborhood Distress: The Unrealized Potential for Families With Housing Choice Vouchers To Reside in Neighborhoods With Low Levels of Distress
Alex Schwartz, Kirk McClure, and Lydia B. Taghavi

Affordable Rental Housing Development in the For-Profit Sector: A Review of the Literature
Rachel G. Bratt and Irene Lew


Data Shop: Chicago Multifamily Market Characterization: Developing a Comprehensive Picture of the Multifamily Housing Landscape
Rachel Scheu and Margaret Garascia

Industrial Revolution: Clean Heat: A Technical Response to a Policy Innovation
Diana Hernández

Foreign Exchange: A Rocky Path to Homeownership: Why Germany Eliminated Large-Scale Subsidies for Homeowners
Alexander Reisenbichler

Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States: Lessons Learned
Christian A.L. Hilber and Oliver Schöni

Evaluation Tradecraft: Sensitivity of Treatment on Treated Effects in the Housing Vouchers Welfare Experiment to Alternative Measures of Compliance
Daniel Gubits and Mark Shroder

Affordable Design: 2016 Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition: Monteria Village, Santa Barbara, California
compiled by Regina Gray



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