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Update from HUD and Census on 2015 AHS Release

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Update from HUD and Census on 2015 AHS Release

HUD and Census feel confident we will publish the 2015 AHS Public Use Files (PUFs) no later than March 31, 2017. We recognize this new date is approximately two months later than we originally announced back in late-2016. The delay is purely technical. It has taken longer than expected to finalize a disclosure avoidance plan. As most of you know, the 2015 AHS is a brand new sample and we intend for it to be a longitudinal sample for many years. At the same time, we have a legal obligation to protect respondent confidentiality now and in the future. As such, we have to be very cautious and methodical in determining what AHS response information may be disclosed.

Next 6-8 weeks...

From now until PUF publication date, we will provide weekly updates every Wednesday via this list serve, including updates regarding any PUF-related products published prior to the PUF.

Shawn Bucholtz
Director, Housing and Demographic Analysis
Office of Policy Development and Research
Department of Housing and Urban Development
C: 202-491-7955