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Cityscape: Volume 25 Number 1 | Housing Technology Projects


Housing Technology Projects

Volume 25 Number 1

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

Housing Technology Projects

Guest Editors' Introduction
Mike Blanford and Kent Watkins

Increasing Innovation and Affordability in Housing: A Case Study on Townhome Area Separation Walls
Christine Barbour and James Lyons

Advanced Modular Housing Design: Developing the CORE+
Jeff Carney, Ravi Srinivasan, Stephen Bender, Bill O’Dell, Ryan Sharston, Abdol Chini, and Forough Foroutan

Getting Cross-Laminated Timber into U.S. Design Codes: A Must for Affordable and Sustainable Multifamily Housing
John W. van de Lindt, Maria Koliou, and Pouria Bahmani

Designing for Natural Hazards: Resilience Guides for Builders and Developers
John B. Peavey, Nay B. Shah, Chinedu Moneke, Kevin Kauffman, and Elina Thapa

Modeling and Analyzing Distributed Heat Pump Domestic Water Heating in Modular Multifamily Buildings
Victor Braciszewski, Stet Sanborn, Justin Tholen, Harshana Thimmanna, Tyler Pullen, Carol Galante, and Jamie Hiteshew

Factory Complete Heating and Cooling Solutions for Manufactured Homes
Emanuel Levy, Jordan Dentz, and Yi-Jia Liao

Exploring the Potential of Factory Installed Solar + Storage for Homebuilding
Isabelina Nahmens, Ondřej Labík, Alison Donovan, Kalee Whitehouse, Damon Lane, Desmond Kirwan, Leslie Badger, Ankur Podder, and Shanti Pless

3D Concrete Printed Houses: Barriers to Adoption and Construction Practices
John B. Peavey, Ed Hudson, Zachary A. Summy, and Jon Violette

Seismic Design Methodology for 3D Printed Concrete Buildings
Mohammad Aghajani Delavar, Hao Chen, and Petros Sideris

Residential House Foundations on Expansive Soils in Changing Climates
Nafisa Tabassum and Rifat Bulut

Refereed Papers

Moving to Problems: Unintended Consequences of Housing Vouchers for Child Welfare-Involved Families
Patrick J. Fowler, Andrew Foell, Anne K. Rufa, and Michael Schoeny


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