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AHS Updates: 2013 National PUF, Codebook, Software, CINCH, and More


The Census Bureau and HUD USER web sites have both been updated for new American Housing Survey data products.

These items have been added or changed on the Census Bureau site (

  • The flat file version of the 2013 National PUF v1.1 is available.
  • 2013 Questionnaire Software, which allows you to step through the AHS interview on your Windows computer, is available.
  • The AHS Codebook, updated for the 2013 PUFs, is now available.
  • A web site linking error with the 2011 PUF flat file has been fixed.
  • A web site linking error with the 1987 PUF has been fixed.

The HUD USER web site ( now has the 2009-2011 National Components of Inventory Change (CINCH) report. The metropolitan reports and the dataset will be added as they become available.


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