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Bridging Health, Housing, and Generations: What the United States Might Learn from Germany’s Intentional Multigenerational Housing Demonstrations


Authors: Molinsky, Jennifer     Brady, Anne Marie     Hu, Bailey    

Report Acceptance Date: June 2023 (80 pages)

Posted Date: September 07, 2023

This report focuses on a German initiative to promote housing developments that include multiple generations and intentionally foster intergenerational interaction. The report describes five German developments that received small grants from a German federal initiative, "Wohnen für (Mehr)generationen: Gemeinschaft stärken, Quartier beleben" (Housing for Multiple Generations-Strengthening Community, Invigorating Neighborhoods). It also discusses selected American efforts to foster intergenerational housing. The report ends with a discussion of lessons learned for the U.S. context. The authors conclude that because of its benefits, U.S. policymakers should consider ways to use existing programs to promote multigenerational housing developments (subsidized or not).

The report Foreword from Solomon J. Greene, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, is available here from HUD User.

The full report is available at the German Marshall Fund website:

Download the Foreword from Solomon J. Greene here


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