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Adam N. Hoffberg Biography


Image of Adam N. Hoffberg, Director

Adam N. Hoffberg

Adam Hoffberg has spent his professional career in public finance positions in the U.S. government. He worked for 28 years in the Office of Management and Budget with program responsibility over HUD and the Department of the Treasury. He specialized in the formulation of budget enforcement provisions that created incentives to better reflect total public cost and make explicit trade-offs between enforcement spending categories. During the fall of 2008, he was on detail to the Department of the Treasury to address novel budget issues associated with TARP and other financial crisis recovery programs. Prior to joining PD&R, he led single-family credit risk modeling and capital projections in the Federal Housing Administration’s Office of Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs, creating new analytical measures and leading formulation of a model governance process for risk projection methods that brought together a broad cross-section of interested parties to better incorporate program trends and increase model accuracy.

Hoffberg holds these degrees:

  • Master of Public Affairs, The LBJ School, The University of Texas
  • Bachelor of Arts, Majors: Mathematics, Urban Studies, Lake Forest College
  • Diploma, Math/Science Academy, Lincoln Park High School, a Chicago magnet serving the Cabrini-Green community

Hoffberg is an internationally-published architectural photographer, a selector DJ of tenure, and a residential hardscaper.