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Housing Characteristics of Recent Movers


Authors: Woodward, Jeanne M.    

Report Acceptance Date: October 1991 (60 Pages)

Posted Date: June 14, 2012

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This report presents demographic, economic, and housling characteristics of recent movers based on the 1989 : American Housing Survey (AHS), a biennial national sample survey of approximately 49,400 housing units con· ducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Department of iHousing and Urban Development. The information for the 11989 AHS-National was collected by interviewers from jJuly 1989 through December 1989. Housing units occuIpied by recent movers were those where the householders imoved into their present units during the 12-month period iprior to the interview.

The data in the report consist of cross classifications of mobility status by such characteristics as age, race, and educational attainment of the householder, physical conditions of the housing unit, and affordability of housing in relation to family income. Although the primary focus of these data is on the United States as a whole, some tables also show data by region and type of residence. A facsimile of the AHS questionnaire, definitions and explanations of subject characteristics used, and a description of the source and accuracy of the sample estimates, are included in the American Housing Survey for the United States in 1989 (Current Housing Reports, Series H-150-89, issued 1991 ).

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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