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Enjoy the convenience of a new HUD USER Deposit Account $50 is all you need to start...

As a person concerned with housing and community development issues, you know the value of HUD USER products. But did you know that now there's a new convenient way to arrange payment for our publications and services? It's the new HUD USER Deposit Account.

Here's how it works. To initiate your HUD USER Deposit Account, print and return the form below. Sending the amount that would typically cover your purchase of HUD USER products and services for a 6-month period is recommended, but the minimum deposit required is just $50.

Then, once your account is activated, just request the items you want, when you want them. Items may be ordered from HUD USER via the Online Ordering System or by contacting HUD USER using the information below. HUD USER will deduct the cost of each item from your account and send you a statement with each purchase, showing the items purchased, their cost, and the balance in your account. Make additional deposits at intervals convenient to you.

The HUD USER Deposit Account is a convenient way to purchase some of the best values around. Nobody covers the housing and community development field more comprehensively or authoritatively. Most reports are priced at only $5 each; HUD USER videos, training kits, and computer software are equally economical and useful. So get what you need...and make it easier on yourself. Open a HUD USER Deposit Account today.

The New HUD USER Deposit Account

(Print name and address)

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Phone:(    )_______________________________      Fax: (    )_____________

Others authorized to use account:________________________________________



Make checks payable to HUD USER.  Method of payment (check one):

[  ] Enclosed is a check.

Charge my  [  ] MasterCard    [  ] VISA    Acct. No.:________________________

Signature______________________________Exp. Date:________________________

Send payment to:                

	HUD USER                          
	P.O. Box 23268                     
	Washington, D.C. 20026-3268
For more information:

	Phone: 1-800-245-2691
	TTD: 1-800-927-7589
	Fax: 1-202-708-9981
	E-mail: helpdesk@huduser.gov