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PHA Tool 2015

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PHA Admin Tool 2015

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Administrative Fee Study measured the costs of operating a high-performing and efficient HCV program and developed a proposed administrative fee formula based on those costs. The Housing Choice Voucher Program – New Administrative Fee Formula Proposed Rule was based on the findings of the study and feedback provided in response to a June 26, 2015 notice that solicited comment on the study.

This tool allows a user to enter a PHA code to see how the proposed rule formula would have compared to the funding the PHA actually received in 2015. The data used in the proposed formula for the PHA are also displayed.

The tool also allows the user to explore “what if” scenarios in respect to how much is funded through the appropriations process. That is, what if Congress funded the formula at something less than what the proposed rule recommends as full funding? The tool is pre-set to compare the actual funding received in CY 2015 to the proposed rule’s recommended full funding level.

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