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Assessments of Shared Housing in the United States

(June 2021)

This paper offers an overview of shared housing in the United States. It discusses the various shared housing models, provides a brief history of shared housing, describes the models and challenges of home sharing and co-living, and provides examples of federal and state initiatives in shared housing.


Ensuring Equitable Neighborhood Change: Gentrification Pressures on Housing Affordability

(January 2017)

This report reviews the recent research on the causes and consequences of gentrification and identifies key steps policymakers can take to foster neighborhood change that is both inclusive and equitable. In particular, this report suggests four key strategies that could alleviate the pressures on housing affordability and community resistance to change.


Breaking Down Barriers: Housing, Neighborhoods, and Schools of Opportunity

(April 2016)

This report reviews recent research and identifies key steps policymakers can take to improve children’s access to high-quality neighborhoods and schools. In particular, this report suggests housing strategies that could help the nearly 4 million children who already receive federal housing assistance.


Community Housing Impacts of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative

(October 2015)

This issue of Insights explores evidence and context for decisionmakers considering issues related to privatized housing on military posts and the effects on surrounding communities.


Barriers to Success: Housing Insecurity for U.S. College Students

(February 2015)

This issue of Insights explores problems related to housing for postsecondary students. Many college students struggle to find adequate, affordable housing options near their campus. Colleges appear to systematically underestimate students’ off-campus living costs, and it is estimated that at least 58,000 college students are homeless.


Bridging the Gap: Homelessness Policy

(September 2010)

This paper, in conjunction with HUD's forum on homelessness, explores what we currently know about homelessness as a foundation for developing answers that will allow the homeless services community to more effectively target resources and move toward the goal of preventing and eventually eliminating homelessness.

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