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New Updates on SCRC - 12/18/2012



Developed by the Office of Policy Development and Research in partnership with HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities (OSHC), the Sustainable Communities Resource Center (SCRC) is a section of dedicated to providing you with information that supports local and regional strategies, with an emphasis on sustainable housing and planning.

New on SCRC

Boulder Improves Energy Efficiency in Rental Housing
In September 2010, the city of Boulder, Colorado created baseline energy-efficiency requirements for existing rental housing by adopting three ordinances, collectively called SmartRegs. As it was finalizing these regulations, the city also participated in developing EnergySmart, a regional program that provides property owners with technical advice and financial assistance for improving the energy efficiency of their properties. Read More

Grantee Spotlight: Canal Crossing — From Brownfields to Mixed-Use Community
In the mid-19th century, industry flourished around the Morris Canal in Jersey City, New Jersey. As transportation technology improved, the canal was filled in and used as a corridor for freight rail and heavy trucks, which led to the establishment of more intensive industries and neighborhoods for workers in the area. By the mid-20th century, however, many industries had abandoned the city, leaving the areas near the canal with obsolete buildings, contaminated soil, and deteriorated neighborhoods. Read More

Pilot Program Promotes New Sustainable Farming in Montgomery County, Maryland
Montgomery County, Maryland, part of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, blends a dense urban population, an abundance of rich agricultural land, and a well established network of farmers’ markets. These traits, and the community’s increasing demand for locally grown food, make it an ideal candidate for nurturing a vibrant, green economy. The county recently began a year-long initiative, the New Farmer Pilot Program, to give farmers starting new farm businesses access to land, mentorship, and business training. The pilot program also seeks to reduce the issues that new farm business owners may face in more conventional farm incubator programs. Read More


Innovative Partnership Funds Transit-Oriented Housing in Denver

Feature Story

Innovative Partnership Funds Transit-Oriented Housing in Denver

In 2004, residents in the Denver metropolitan area approved the creation of a dedicated funding source for the expansion of the Regional Transportation District’s multimodal transit system. Once complete, the expansion — known as the FasTracks program — will include more than 120 miles of commuter and light rail and 18 miles of bus rapid transit across 6 new lines. This historic transit expansion has been coupled with coordinated and strategic efforts from public- and private-sector partners to ensure that the investment in infrastructure supports not only local and regional economic development but also new opportunities for location-efficient affordable housing.

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