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Image of Marge F. Martin, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary


Marge Martin is the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development in the Office of Policy Development and Research at HUD. For the last 15 years, Ms. Martin served as the Director of the Policy Division. Drawing on its research and extensive program knowledge, the Office of Policy Development informs the development of HUD’s budget, policy, legislation, and regulations with expert analysis and relevant research evidence. Prior to her position as division director, Ms. Martin served as a social science analyst in the policy division working on a variety of issues including the impact of rent and income on affordable housing, community and economic development, mixed income housing, and homelessness. Shortly after beginning her career at HUD in 1987, Ms. Martin helped established the Office of Special Needs Assistance, the part of HUD responsible for administering the Department’s homeless programs. She has been involved in homeless issues and homeless research for the past two decades and continues to serve as one of the Department’s leading experts in this area. Ms. Martin holds a Master of Science degree in public policy analysis from the University of Rochester.

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