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Quarterly Housing Market and Research Update | 2nd Quarter 2012

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You are invited to attend a briefing hosted by Acting Assistant Secretary Erika C. Poethig

Following material is available from the meeting:

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Please join us in a robust discussion of the importance, benefit, and costs of bringing affordable housing up to green building standards. The point of departure for the panel discussion is a PDR-commissioned report, An Evaluation of Affordable Housing Using the National Green Building Standard, completed by the NAHB Research Center. The report examines how much it would cost to bring various kinds of HUD-assisted housing in line with green building requirements. The study provides strong evidence that new or rehabilitated HUD-assisted housing can achieve green ratings at a relatively modest incremental cost, and that such green enhancements would likely be cost-effective for homeowners and rental housing developers because they focus on features that would yield demonstrable cost savings.

The Quarterly Housing Market and Research Update includes the following:

  • Changes in the State of the Nation's Housing Markets: 2nd Quarter 2012 Update
  • The Cost of Making Affordable Housing Green - A Policy Discussion

Moderated by:

Elizabeth A. Cocke, Director of the Affordable Housing Research Division

Panelists include:

Tom Kenney, VP for Engineering and Research, NAHB Research Center, which researched green building costs.

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect, Building Technologies Program, Department of Energy. Energetic proponent of efforts by EPA and DOE to transform mainstream home building, to make homes more energy efficient and more environmentally responsible.

William Carson, VP Operations Strategy & Director of Sustainability, McCormack Baron Salazar, a national for-profit and affordable housing/green developer with HOPEVI experience.

Madeline Fraser Cook, Director, Green Development Center, LISC, the nation's largest community development support organization and a supporter of green affordable housing.

More Information:

Thursday, September 6, 2012
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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Quarterly Housing Market Update