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2012 AHAR: Volume 1 - PIT Estimates of Homelessness in the U.S.


2012 AHAR: Volume 1 - PIT Estimates of Homelessness in the U.S.

December, 2012

  • Research, Evaluation, and Best Practices


This report outlines the key findings of the 2012 Point-In-Time (PIT) counts conducted in January 2012. Specifically, this report provides 2012 PIT estimates and national PIT estimates of homelessness, as well as national estimates of homelessness by state, estimates of chronic homelessness, and estimates of homeless veterans. The accompanying Housing Inventory Count (HIC) data is available as well.

To view CoC populations/subpopulations reports, click on the "CoC Populations and Subpopulations Reports" link below. Then, select "2012" from the year dropdown menu and "population/subpopulation" from the report type dropdown menu. Then, you can select the scope of the report depending on your preference - by state, CoC, or nationwide.

This report is the first part of a two-volume series. The second part is called the 2012 AHAR: Part 2 - Estimates of Homelessness in the United States.

To view all AHARs since 2007, visit the AHAR page.

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