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CHAS Data Query Tool

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CHAS Data Query Tool

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This table generator produces a small number of tables that focus on some of the most commonly used CHAS figures. It is meant to help individuals looking for data for a specific jurisdiction. Start by selecting the appropriate geographic summary level. If you are looking for data for a city, it will probably be under “Place”. If your local jurisdiction is a “township” it will probably be under MCD (which stands for minor civil division). Take care to select the correct jurisdiction. Note that all numbers are household counts.

Users can select a specific jurisdiction of interest (such as a state, county, or city) and receive a few simple tables including information such as the number of low income households, or the number of households with housing cost burden. Results can be viewed in a web browser, or downloaded in spreadsheet form.

This tool is meant to provide similar information to the data in the CHAS query tool in the State of the Cities Data System, which contains CHAS data from 1990 and 2000 (available here:


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