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American Housing Survey Spotlights New Orleans

13 September 2010    
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American Housing Survey Spotlights
New Orleans
American Housing Survey Spotlights 
New OrleansAccording to U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, the 2009 New Orleans Metropolitan Area Housing Survey "presents a startling picture of just how disruptive Hurricane Katrina was to the lives of tens of thousands of families throughout the New Orleans area." In the five years since the hurricane, the area has lost homes and experienced a dramatic increase in housing costs. Because of Hurricane Katrina, over 80 percent of area households were forced to move and approximately 12 percent still consider themselves in flux. Approximately 298,000 households were forced from their homes for at least two weeks after the storm; most families moved two or three times, although some moved as many as 10 times. These data provide a current snapshot of area housing and residents that can assist those involved in rebuilding, as well as serve as a foundation for measuring the recovery's progress in the future.

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American Housing Survey Call for Papers Deadline Near!
In Spring 2011, HUD's Office of Policy Development & Research is hosting a conference that will highlight early results from 2009 American Housing Survey data. Proposals for research paper presentations are due September 17. See for submission guidelines.
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Key Findings

  • There were 511,000 residential housing units in the New Orleans metro area in 2009, compared to 587,000 units in 2004 — a decline largely explained by demolition, particularly of older single-family attached homes built prior to 1979.

  • Considering the loss of older homes and the addition of approximately 24,700 newly built units, the median year of construction of the housing stock rose from 1960 in 2004 to 1972 in 2009.

  • The median monthly housing cost climbed from $662 in 2004 to $882 in 2009, an increase of 33.2 percent.

  • The total number of renter households declined, but those very low-income, unassisted renter households who paid over half of their income in rent and/or live in severely inadequate housing grew by 22 percent between 2004 and 2009.

  • Ninety percent of owner-occupied units damaged by Katrina were repaired with private insurance payouts, federal flood insurance, and/or homeowner assistance grants from Louisiana's HUD-funded Road Home Program.

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