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Latest Breakthroughs includes Cutting-Edge Green Affordable Housing in El Paso, Texas; New York-Connecticut Partnership to Promote Sustainable Development; and Sustainable Cottage Housing Development in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

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29 September 2011    
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September 2011

This year’s fifth edition of Breakthroughs has just been posted on the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse (RBC) website. In this issue, you’ll read about a green affordable housing project in El Paso, the New York-Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium, and a sustainable cottage housing development in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Check out the September issue of Breakthroughs to see how...

  • A green senior housing project in El Paso, Texas will be the nation’s first net zero public housing development;
  • The New York-Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium is promoting regional sustainable planning efforts; and
  • The Cottages on Greene infill development in East Greenwich, Rhode Island showcases sustainable building practices.

Again, you can read the current issue at

If you have similar stories that you think would help others, we’d like to know about them. Call us at 1-800-245-2691, option 4, or send us an email at Who knows, we may even highlight your community’s efforts in a future issue of Breakthroughs!

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