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Case Studies Applied to High Point Community Revitalization

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April 17, 2012  

Case Studies Applied to High Point Community Revitalization

HUD USER publishes a series of Case Study examples based on federal, state, and local strategies that increase affordable housing opportunities, apply sustainable features and practices, and increase access to public transportation. The projects featured in these reports have demonstrated innovation through a multitude of partnerships and initiatives.

The latest Case Study featured is the redevelopment of the High Point Garden public housing project in West Seattle, Washington. This project is a model for innovative and inclusive sustainable community development that can transform the physical and social dimensions of the nation’s most distressed public housing developments. Once home to defense workers supporting the WWII effort, the 1,300 housing units in High Point were transitioned from defense housing to accommodate Seattle’s low-income population, and subsequently experienced a period of decline. High Point ultimately fell into disrepair.

Initiated with a $35 million HOPE VI grant from HUD, the Seattle Housing Authority managed the $550 million redevelopment, which includes approximately $285 million in private investment, to provide more than 1,600 mixed-income housing units and enhanced community services over a period of 10 years. Its construction embodies sustainability through resource conservation, energy-efficiency strategies, and innovative techniques developed to support improved health in children.

Go to HUD USER’s Case Studies Resource page to learn how High Point was reintegrated into West Seattle as a vibrant community with diverse housing, safe neighborhoods, and open spaces.

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