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PD&R Edge Elist 09/25/2013


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New on The Edge

In Practice:
Connecticut’s New Department of Housing

Although the state of Connecticut’s consolidated plan recognizes insufficient affordable housing as a major economic development challenge, responsibility for state housing programs in Connecticut was spread among multiple agencies for almost 20 years. To more efficiently address Connecticut’s housing needs, the state legislature authorized a new Department of Housing in 2012, which now serves as the lead agency for all state housing initiatives.

Policy Update:
How Research Tools Are Assisting Communities To Preserve, Plan Affordable Housing

Multilayered databases and spatial mapping programs are helping housing and urban policy research centers to better understand the nation's current stock of privately owned and publicly subsidized housing. The Subsidized Housing Information Project (SHIP) developed at New York University and the Housing Suitability Model built at the University of Florida use layered data and sophisticated mapping tools to identify at-risk properties and pinpoint the best locations for developing and preserving affordable housing.

Statistical Reports:
Housing Scorecard August 2013

The August 2013 Housing Scorecard continues to show signs of improvement in the housing market, as home prices, purchases of new homes, and sales of existing homes continue to show strong annual gains. Data from the second quarter of 2013 indicate that the number of underwater homeowners has fallen by 42 percent since the beginning of 2012. July sales of previously owned homes were up 17.2 percent from July 2012, and purchases of new homes were up 6.8 percent. The Administration's foreclosure mitigation programs continue to benefit millions of homeowners as the housing market recovers from an unprecedented crisis; more than 1.9 million loss mitigations and early delinquency interventions have been offered by the Federal Housing Administration, and over 1.2 million permanent modifications have taken place through the Home Affordable Modification Program.



A worker deconstructing a roof.

All That’s Old Is Renewable
Building demolition in the United States generates roughly 124 million tons of waste each year. Deconstruction, the process of systematically taking apart a structure in the reverse order of construction to generate the most reusable or recyclable building material, can help address the issues posed by abandoned and dilapidated buildings, while reducing the amount of demolition waste sent to landfills.


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