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AHS updates - 02/06/2015


Dear AHS User Community:

Below are five important updates for the 2011 AHS and 2013 AHS. On March 1, we will provide an overview of the final plans for the 2015 AHS.

Updated 2013 National Public Use File and Tables
Version 1.1 of the public use file (PUF) and Excel summary tables are now available on the Census AHS website. This version includes minor corrections to the weights and other changes. You can review all the changes in the versioning document associated with the PUF. You can download the Version 1.1 products at:

AHS Table Creator Updates
The AHS Table Creator now includes the full complement of 2011 AHS National summary tables, as well as several of the 2013 AHS National summary tables. Future updates will include the 2011 and 2013 Metropolitan summary tables. You can access the AHS Table Creator at:

New AHS Technical Documentation: AHS PUF Geography, 1985 – 2013
As many of you know, geography in the AHS PUFs is very confusing! To help the AHS User Community understand the availability and vintage of geographic indicators within the PUFs, we have developed a technical summary. The publication is available at:

2013 Metropolitan Area PUF and Summary Tables
HUD and Census are still working on getting the Metropolitan PUF and summary tables ready for publication. We anticipate publication by March 31, 2015.

Issues with 2013 Home Improvement Data
HUD and Census have identified an important issue that impacts the 2011 and 2013 estimates of home improvement activity. To help the AHS User Community understand this issue, HUD and Census have published a “Home Improvement User Note.” We are continuing to sort through this issue and will update the AHS User Community when more information is available. The User Note can be downloaded at:


Shawn Bucholtz
Director, Housing and Demographic Analysis
Office of Policy Development and Research
Department of Housing and Urban Development