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AHS 2009-2011 National Rental Dynamics Report


AHS 2009-2011 National Rental Dynamics Report

The 2009-2011 National Rental Dynamics Report is available for download from the HUD USER web site, at This report uses the longitudinal features of the American Housing Survey to track changes in rental housing affordability between 2009 and 2011. Tables detail how the units in the 2009 rental stock had changed by 2011 (forward-looking) and also what the status of the 2011 rental stock had been in 2009 (backward-looking). The report also examines how recent changes in affordability fit into the trajectory of the rental housing stock over the course of the recession and recovery.

This report was produced by Econometrica, Inc., under contract with HUD. The principal authors are Frederick J. Eggers and Fouad Moumen, both of Econometrica.

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