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August 2015 Partners in Progress eNewsletter



August 2015 Partners in Progress eNewsletter

USC's Commitment to South Los Angeles
In fall 2014, the University of Southern California broke ground on USC Village, which combines university facilities and student housing with numerous amenities and resources on a 15-acre site on the northern edge of the school's University Park campus. Aspects of the $650 million investment are based on the wishes of local residents and businesses, further establishing the university as an anchor institution in South Los Angeles.

Achieving Effective Governance: Examining the Evolution of an Anchor Institution
The authors of "Effective Governance of a University as an Anchor Institution" claim that American colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to improve the economic, social, and physical health of their surrounding communities. To do this successfully, however, the institutions' culture, priorities, operations, and procurement policies must be carefully and comprehensively managed.

Nancy Zimpher: Striving to Make a Collective Impact
"Great cities need great universities, and great universities need great cities," says Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York system. Zimpher has supported this mission for anchor institutions throughout her career. In recent years, the university leader has expanded her focus to the collective impact of universities working with other local institutions, stakeholders, and community leaders to address specific problems of mutual concern.


Mercer University Partners to Revitalize Beall's Hill Neighborhood

Feature Story

Grantee Spotlight: Butler University: Education from Community Collaboration
Since its founding in 1996, the Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC) at Butler University has built lasting partnerships with adjacent communities to address challenges in Indianapolis, Indiana. Combining university resources with community assets, CCC has engaged faculty and students in service learning opportunities that benefit both local residents and Butler University.

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