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AHS update


AHS update

Dear AHS Users

A few update on the AHS:

2015 Data Collection

The Census Bureau has completed the majority of the 2015 AHS data collection. The good news is that the response rate continues to be high (~85%). In the coming few months HUD and Census will publish a data release schedule and a request for BETA public use file testers.

New Metro Areas History Documentation

HUD and Census recently published a report entitled “Metropolitan Histories, 1973-2013.” This document provides a complete history of AHS metropolitan samples. For each metropolitan area, you will learn: (1) the year in which the metropolitan area was sampled; (2) the sample size; (3) the sample longitudinality with prior years; and (4) the geographic definition for each year.

The document is located at:

Shawn Bucholtz
Director, Housing and Demographic Analysis
Office of Policy Development and Research
Department of Housing and Urban Development
W: 202-402-5538
C: 202-491-7955