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Evidence Matters: Spring/Summer 2023

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August 10, 2023  

Evidence Matters: Spring/Summer 2023

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge into Housing and Community Development Policy, which focuses on how Housing First can address homelessness, is now available. This issue provides an explanation of Housing First, reviews evidence that supports the viability of Housing First when compared to the treatment first model, and highlights Boston and Chattanooga as two case studies for cities that have adopted the Housing First model using different strategies.

Key findings:

  • Housing First — an adaptable, evidence-based service model focused on getting families into housing as quickly as possible and offering voluntary supportive services — has been proven to successfully promote housing stability, improve some health outcomes, and reduce the use of high-cost services.

  • Federal, state, and local governments can align investments in Housing First approaches with efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing to effectively solve homelessness.

  • Some studies have found that Housing First programs may also reduce costs by shortening stays in hospitals, residential substance abuse programs, nursing homes, and prisons.

  • Rapid rehousing is a vital component of Chattanooga’s Housing First strategy, which relies on housing navigators who match people with housing and services tailored to their specific needs.

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