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2 April, 2024

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PD&R Edge, an online magazine, provides you with a snapshot view of our newly released research, periodicals, publications, news, and commentaries on housing and urban development issues.

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Effective homeless response systems require a strategic, evidence-based approach to maximize local resources. Targeted prevention, for instance, is a form of assistance designed to prevent at-risk individuals and households from experiencing homelessness, reducing first-time homelessness and decreasing inflow into the homeless response system. Service providers can use qualitative and quantitative data to deploy resources more efficiently and effectively to test new innovations and improve best practices.

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Calvin Johnson (left) and Peter B. Kahn (right).

Four New Lessons from Five Decades of Innovation, Evidence, and Impact

In the Leadership Message, Solomon Greene, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, discusses key insights that emerged from the “PD&R at 50” article series, reflecting on 50 years of policy development and research at HUD and observing that dedicated personnel and a commitment to rigorous research practices and fact-based policymaking have been central to PD&R’s role in advancing HUD objectives. While these have been central to PD&R historically, they also serve as enduring pillars for future work, as HUD pursues its mission “to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.”

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An aerial shot of the Founders Way development, which includes an L-shaped apartment building and several smaller standalone buildings.


Piloting a New Model for Affordable Homeownership in Rural Colorado
Rural areas face distinct challenges to housing affordability, including lower area median incomes, higher housing maintenance needs, and limited construction capacity. To address these challenges, developer Rural Homes is piloting a new model for affordable homeownership development that combines modular construction, low-cost financing, government commitments of surplus land, and affordable mortgages. Pinion Park, in Norwood, Colorado, is the first such project to come online and consists of 24 deed-restricted, single-family homes for sale to qualified buyers who earn between 60 and 120 percent of the area median income.

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(Left to right): Michael Freedberg, Dave Engel (Director), Regina Gray, Ed Stromberg, Dana Bres, Luis Borray, and Mike Blanford.

PD&R AT 50

Moving on to 51
HUD’s Office of Policy Development & Research emerged in 1973, following the Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation division’s merger with the Office of Research and Technology. Another reorganization in 2023 added data and technical assistance to PD&R’s duties. This change presents opportunities to integrate learning from HUD research and evaluations into technical assistance design and delivery and to train technical assistance providers on HUD data and data tools. This added expertise will also help shape future iterations of HUD’s Learning Agenda, giving data and technical assistance an even greater role as PD&R looks toward its next 50 years.

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Aerial view of Athens, Greece.

The Housing and Health Data Dashboard, a New HUD USER Resource for Researching Social Determinants of Health

HUD recently launched the Housing and Health Data Dashboard, a new resource that serves as a hub for users wishing to access HUD-owned or HUD-linked data to support health and housing research. Data are organized into five broad categories: HUD administrative data, housing survey data, data linkages with the U.S. Census, data linkages with other federal agencies, and PD&R evaluation study data. HUD will update the Housing and Health Data Dashboard quarterly to ensure its accuracy and share information on the status of forthcoming linkages.

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