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March 28, 2024  

Latest on RBC

HUD established the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse to collect, process, assemble, and disseminate information on state and local regulations and policies affecting the creation and maintenance of affordable housing. The following featured actions were recently added to the clearinghouse. Learn more at

Florida’s Live Local Act: Promoting Affordable Housing and Mixed-use Development in Nonresidential Areas
On March 29, 2023, the Florida governor approved CS/SB 102, known as the Live Local Act, aiming to boost affordable housing investment and promote mixed-use development in nonresidential areas. The bill mandates counties and municipalities to permit multifamily and mixed-use projects in commercial, industrial, and mixed-use zoning districts. Other provisions of the bill allow counties and municipalities to adopt an ordinance that establishes a property tax exemption for multifamily developments containing at least 50 dwelling units, at least 20 percent of which are affordable. Learn more at

Newark Ordinance Ensures City Residents Benefit from Inclusionary Housing
The Newark, New Jersey municipal council enacted Ordinance 6PSF-g on August 2, 2023. This ordinance ensures that half of the income-restricted units created through the city's inclusionary zoning program are allocated to existing income-eligible residents through a lottery system that prioritizes residents based on their time on the applicant list. Selected households have 10 days to express interest and 30 additional days to finalize the purchase or lease, with units not claimed within 90 days potentially opened to eligible households outside the city. Learn more at

Austin City Council Passes Ordinance to Expand Housing Options in Single-Family Zoning Districts
As part of the first phase of the HOME initiative, the Austin city council adopted Ordinance No. 20231207-001 aiming to provide more housing options and increase the housing supply in single-family zoning districts. The ordinance permits a new, three-unit residential use, along with duplexes and two-unit residents, in SF-1, SF-2, and SF-3 districts. The ordinance also sets maximum dwelling units per lot at three and repeals the restriction on unrelated adults in single-family zones, promoting increased density and flexibility in housing arrangements. Learn more at

California’s Prohousing Designation Program Incentivizes Local Policies to Accelerate Housing Production
On January 24, 2024, the California Office of Administrative Law approved permanent regulations for the Department of Housing and Community Development, establishing the Prohousing Designation program. This program grants preference for funding to cities and counties meeting specified criteria, including housing, sustainable communities, infill, and infrastructure. The regulations outline application requirements, review procedures, applicant thresholds, and criteria for prohousing policies and designation. Learn more at

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