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Cityscape: Volume 25 Number 2 | Reentry Housing After Jail or Prison | Recent Reforms in Zoning


Double Issue

Volume 25 Number 2

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

Reentry Housing After Jail or Prison

Guest Editor's Introduction
Calvin C. Johnson

Addressing Barriers to Housing in Reentry Programs Working to Address a Variety of Needs: A Qualitative Study of Second Chance Act Grantees
Elizabeth L. Beck, Natasha N. Johnson, Sommer Delgado, Victoria Helmly, Susan A. McLaren, Alice Prendergast, Leigh Alderman, Lorenzo Almada, Brian Bride, Eric Napierala, and William J. Sabol

Rental Assistance and a Fresh Start to Spur Criminal Desistance: Evidence From a Pilot Housing Experiment
David S. Kirk

Addressing Homelessness Among People With Justice Involvement: Los Angeles County’s Just in Reach Pay for Success Demonstration Project
Sarah B. Hunter and Stephanie Mercier

Public Housing Eligibility for People with Conviction Histories
Niloufer Taber, Jacqueline Altamirano Marin, and John Bae

Recent Reforms in Zoning

Guest Editor's Introduction
Noah M. Kazis

Where Will Accessory Dwelling Units Sprout Up When a State Lets Them Grow? Evidence From California
Nicholas J. Marantz, Christopher S. Elmendorf, and Youjin B. Kim

California’s Strengthened Housing Element Law: Early Evidence on Higher Housing Targets and Rezoning
Paavo Monkkonen, Michael Manville, Michael Lens, Aaron Barrall, and Olivia Arena

How Can Procedural Reform Support Fair Share Housing Production? Assessing the Effects of California’s Senate Bill 35
Moira O’Neill and Ivy Wang

Here Come the Tall Skinny Houses: Assessing Single-Family to Townhouse Redevelopment in Houston, 2007–2020
Jake Wegmann, Aabiya Noman Baqai, Josh Conrad

Does Housing Growth in Washington, D.C., Reflect Land Use Policy Changes?
Leah Brooks and Jenny Schuetz

Learning from Land Use Reforms: The Case of Ramapo, New York
Joseph Weil Huennekens

Upzoning With Strings Attached: Evidence From Seattle’s Affordable Housing Mandate
Jacob Krimmel and Betty Wang

Refereed Papers

Seeing the Big Picture with Multisector Data: Factors Associated with Exiting from Federal Housing Assistance by Exit Type
Alastair I. Matheson, Danny V. Colombara, Annie Pennucci, Tyler Shannon, Andy Chan, Megan Suter, and Amy A. Laurent

Factors Affecting Spillover Impacts of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developments: An Analysis of Los Angeles
Brian Y. An, Andrew Jakabovics, Jing Liu, Anthony W. Orlando, Seva Rodnyansky, Richard Voith, Sean Zielenbach, and Raphael W. Bostic


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