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Call For Papers: Cityscape Graphic Detail


Call For Papers: Cityscape Graphic Detail

Cityscape is a scholarly journal published three times per year by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R). Graphic Detail, a department of Cityscape, presents short articles using cartography and data visualization to tell the story. Through Graphic Detail, readers are exposed to short articles that rely on the visualization to discover spatial and temporal relationships for housing and urban studies-related research. Articles presented in Graphic Detail allow researchers to expand on their visualization techniques and connect the implications to policy.

If you have questions or would like to submit a proposal for a graphics-focused article, contact Alex Din at For formal consideration of a proposal please use the subject line "Graphic Detail Submission" and submit a Word document that in four paragraphs or less (1) clearly states the objectives of the analysis, (2) concisely describes the cartographic or analytical technique employed (highlighting either a new/uncommon technique or how the visualization relates to the topic); (3) summarizes the results and potential implications for future research or policy, and (4) states the principal conclusions of the analysis.

Final submission should be +/- 700 words (excluding an abstract, exhibits, keywords, references, and acknowledgements).


image of city buildings