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Cityscape: Volume 15 Number 2 | Article 12


Mixed Messages on Mixed Incomes

Volume 15 Number 2

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

"It was really hard. ... It was alright. ... It was easy."
Public Housing Relocation Experiences and Destination Satisfaction in Atlanta

Deirdre Oakley
Erin Ruel
Lesley Reid
Georgia State University

This article uses data from an Atlanta-based longitudinal study following public housing residents from pending relocation through relocating between 2009 and 2010. Its purpose is to examine residents’ satisfaction with the relocation experience and with their postmove home and neighborhood. In addition, we examine whether levels of relocation satisfaction or dissatisfaction were associated with any significant differences in destination neighborhood characteristics. We build on previous research concerning prerelocation attachment to community and the hard-to-house. Findings suggest some consistency with previous research on levels of attachment to public housing communities and residents who fall into the category of the hard-to-house. Specifically, being older, having a disability, having longer tenure in public housing, and experiencing postrelocation financial strain are significantly associated with lower levels of satisfaction with the relocation process. Our findings, however, are far more mixed concerning the relationship between levels of satisfaction with the relocation process and destination neighborhood characteristics and pose some questions about poverty deconcentration and mixed-income assumptions. Policy implications are discussed.

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