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Cityscape: Volume 20 Number 2


The Housing-Health Connection

Volume 20, Number 2

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

The Housing-Health Connection

Guest Editor's Introduction
Veronica Helms Garrison and Craig Evan Pollack

The Impact of the Vermont Support and Services at Home Program on Healthcare Expenditures
Amy Kandilov, Vince Keyes, Martijn van Hasselt, Alisha Sanders, Noëlle Siegfried, Robyn Stone, Patrick Edwards, Aubrey Collins and Jenna Brophy

A Pilot Community Health Worker Program in Subsidized Housing: The Health + Housing Project
Amy L. Freeman, Tianying Li, Sue A. Kaplan, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Ashley Young, Diane Rubin, Marc N. Gourevitch and Kelly M. Doran

Work Requirements and Well-Being in Public Housing
Kirstin Frescoln, Mai Thi Nguyen, William M. Rohe, Michael D. Webb

Innovative Approaches to Providing Rental Assistance: States and Localities Seek To Support Health and Human Services Goals
Anna Bailey, Peggy Bailey and Douglas Rice

Embedding Health in Affordable Housing Development: Results of the Health Action Plan Pilot Project
Stephany De Scisciolo, Krista Egger and Mary Ayala

Connecting Fragmented Systems: Public Housing Authority Partnerships With the Health Sector
Stephen Lucas

‘Then I Found Housing and Everything Changed’: Transitions to Rent-Assisted Housing and Diabetes Self-Management
Danya E. Keene, Mariana Henry, Carina Gormley and Chima Ndumele

Homelessness During Infancy: Associations With Infant and Maternal Health and Hardship Outcomes
Diana B. Cutts, Allison Bovell-Ammon, Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, Richard Sheward, Meg Shaefer, Cassie Huang, Maureen M. Black, Patrick H. Casey, Sharon Coleman, Megan Sandel and Deborah A. Frank

Impact of Rental Assistance on Modifiable Health Risk Factors and Behaviors in Adults
Cathy L. Antonakos and Natalie Colabianchi

The Geography of Vacant Housing and Neighborhood Health Disparities After the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis
Kyungsoon Wang and Dan Immergluck

Refereed Papers

Employment and Earnings Trajectories During Two Decades Among Adults in New York City Homeless Shelters
Stephen Metraux, Jamison D. Fargo, Nicholas Eng and Dennis P. Culhane

Exploring Patterns of Tax Increment Financing Use and Structural Explanations in Missouri’s Major Metropolitan Regions
Susan G. Mason and Kenneth P. Thomas


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