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ConnectHome Initiative: Final Report


Authors: Insight Policy Research    

Report Acceptance Date: May 2018 (57 pages)

Posted Date: May 22, 2018

The ConnectHome initiative is a collaboration between communities, the private sector, and the Federal Government to expand high-speed internet access, technical training, digital literacy programs, and electronic devices to low income households living in HUD Public Housing units. ConnectHome launched at Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in 28 communities covering a wide range of urban, rural, and tribal land. HUD partnered with an external research team, Insight Policy Research to evaluate ConnectHome. The report includes: A baseline access survey to measure internet access in the home, devices used, and reasons for lack of internet access; a telephone-based internet use survey of recent ConnectHome subscribers to assess how public housing residents use the internet at home; and case studies of five sites based on interviews and focus groups to understand how sites approach implementation of the program, address challenges, and understand outcomes.

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