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The President's Commission on Housing: Interim Report


Report Acceptance Date: October 1981 (65 pages)

Posted Date: November 17, 2023

This historical report was produced to 1) enunciate a basic set of principles and a housing policy framework to serve as guides for the Commission’s deliberations and decisions and 2) to offer their recommendations for basic reform of federally subsidized housing programs. The report contains four chapters. Chapter 1 sets forth an assessment of current housing problems, a statement of principles and a policy framework, and the Commission’s recommendations to date. Chapter 2 presents data to depict the problems of availability, adequacy, and affordability in housing for renters and homeowners. In chapter 3 the Commission provides the rationale for recommending consumer housing assistance grants as a basic reform of federally subsidized housing. Chapter 4 expands on the commission’s recommendations for improving the availability of adequate housing.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.


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