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United States Housing Authority Bulletins No. 11- on Policy and Procedure: Site Planning


Report Acceptance Date: August 1938 (412 pages)

Posted Date: September 07, 2022

A series of nine technical bulletins, these historic documents communicate, in detail, the process of developing a U.S. Housing Authority public housing project. The bulletins are: 11. Site Planning; 12. Dwelling Unit Planning; 13. Preparation of Drawings and Specifications (and a revised No. 13); 14. Site Engineering Design; 15. Steps in the Development of a Low-Rent Housing Project Subsequent to the Execution of the Contracts of Loan and Annual Contribution (and addendums 1. and 2., and the revised No. 15 and March 1940 reprint); 16. Planning for Low Rents (and revised No. 16, and addendum); 17. Definition of Terms (and addendums 1. and 2. and December 1939 reprint/update); 18. Site Selection; 19. Planning Utility Services and Rate Negotiations (and June 1940 revised exhibits); 20. Heating (and the revised No. 20 and July 1940 reprint).

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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