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Evaluation of Resident Management in Public Housing


Authors: ICF Incorporated    

Report Acceptance Date: December 1992 (229 Pages)

Posted Date: February 02, 2012

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In 1971, brought together by frustration with poor management and maintenance, the residents of the Bromley-Heath public housing development In Boston formally Incorporated the nation's first resident management corporation That same year, St. Louis' public housing residents waged a rent strike against their housing authority to protest poor maintenance and rising rents In the wake of the strike settlement, the authority eventually delegated control over a number of management functions to newly-formed resident organizations at several Sites, Including Carr Square and Cochran Gardens. These events marked the beginning of the resident management movement, which today is viewed by resident advocates and policy makers as a potential solution to many of the problems facing America's public housing stock and the people who live In it This report evaluates the experiences of these pioneering resident management corporations (RMCs)' and their early successors. A number of RMCs have formed and dissolved since 1971, but a total of 11 active RMCs have been managing their developments before 1988. These 11 RMCs, which are listed In Exhibit 1, are the subject of this report

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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