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Transferrable Housing Planning Technology, Working Paper: Description Of A Methodology For Expressing Growth Options For The City Of Houston, Texas


Report Acceptance Date: August 1979 (183 pages)

Posted Date: February 03, 2012

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This paper is one of a series of papers describing the efforts of the city of Houston to develop methodologies for expressing and evaluating growth options for the City.In this paper the methodology for expressing growth options is described.Separate papers address the methodology for evaluation of their impact on the requirements for City Services, use of the Housing Calculation Tool and the population/household forecasting capabilities of the Housing Calculation Tool. The content of this report has been structured to provide:

  • An Overview to the Department of Housing and Urban Development contract supporting this effort;
  • A review of the methodology being used to express growth options;
  • A review of the results of the use of the growth option methodology to express two growth options to the city through the year 2000.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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